Thursday, April 15, 2010

harry potter

Amazingly, this is the first Harry Potter party I've come across- and it's a winner! Check out the all of the activities for Nate's 7th birthday- a game of Quidditch, potion making, a 'sorting hat' (using a baby monitor to make it 'speak'), and a Golden snitch cake- which spilled out 'every flavor beans' when cut open. For more of Emily creative touches check out Martha Shmartha.


Emily said...

Thank you so much for featuring my party. We had so much fun and I'm thrilled to share that with so many other people. Thanks again!
-Emily @Martha Shmartha

Domenica said...

I have to admit-this is one cool party! Great detail and photo's of happy party goers!

Home Confetti said...

wow!! Everything was so well planned! I'm pretty impressed, too, that Dad was a big contributor! ha