Tuesday, March 2, 2010

i spy: amy atlas-inspired tables!

Imitation is the best form of flattery, right?

Amy Atlas' name has become synonymous with highly-styled, fabulous, dessert-laden tables. The look has been copied around the globe. Did she 'invent' the look? What do you think? Martha Stewart Weddings has done brilliant 'dessert buffets' for years, but Amy has created so many gorgeous tables in this style that there is no doubt the look has become her own.

*If you guessed the top photo was Martha Stewart and the all-pink bottom photo was Amy's, you were right!


Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

Great roundup! You beat me to it. =) I just created a folder on my desktop with many of these pictures for a similar post!

andrea of ffft said...

I have been collecting pics for a year like this because I am determined to use my ridiculous pink glass collection for the grandest garden tea party held since Versailles. I recognize some of these, funnily enough I had not heard of Amy. Where have I been? What I DO notice now that you point it out, is that Martha has a very structured look that is more timeless while Amy's look is a more signature funky thing that is very NOW. So they do sort of have a signature thing going on. I am willing to bet that Martha will take it eventually. But for now, Amy has it down :)

Any ideas on how to cover a table in moss? My birthday is the end of march and I am thinking that the first day of spring just might be the day I have been waiting for!

Save the Date for Cupcakes said...

I agree! I've had some of these photos for a few years now. Also the huge round balloons (not pictured here) are something I first saw on Martha. I love Amy and Martha, I just have to double check when it comes to who I got the inspiration from sometimes.


Shauna Younge Dessert Tables said...

Thanks for sharing my purple and grey dessert table with the macaron towers with your readers!