Monday, February 8, 2010

reader question of the week

reader question of the week:

"It is quite rare to have a new home built in our historic neighborhood. So there are quite a few people interested in seeing the new nest. We would like to have an informal open house for our housewarming and was curious what kind of cute advice you might have. I have never been to a housewarming and would like to create a casual, warm and fun time for all of our family, friends, old and new neighbors. Thanks so much! -Leslie"


Bree said...

you could throw a seasonal party. in a couple more months when it's really spring time... Joyful Weddings and Events has some great ideas for neighborhood season parties.

I also like the idea of making it all about the food. rachael ray has a housewarming menu. or even simpler a fun dessert/candy buffet.

nina healy said...

If you live in a colder might be nice to host an afternoon soup party. There is nothing cozier than a warm mug of soup, a fire in the fireplace, and good friends. (I just did a soup party that you can check out on my blog if you are interested.) You could make gingerbread house shaped cookies for dessert or favors.

Natasha said...

If it's a historic area could you have some historic snacks? (I don't mean ancient but from the era) or drinks?