Sunday, January 3, 2010

reader question of the week

"My daughter is turning 9. She has decided she does not like pink and we've already done most of the cute theme parties. The best I could come up with for her was an "old fashioned party" with games and cupcakes. Any direction you could give me would be great. I at least pinned her down to blue, green and yellow. Thanks! -Kerrie"


Becky said...

We came very close to having a bowling party for my little girl. Those colors might very well work for bowling shirts (or at least one cute one for her). You can do lawn bowling outside if your weather permits, bowling down a hallway, or host it at the local alley.

mrs. c said...

When my daughter was 9 we had a games party! We had lots of circus-like snacks and games, lots of different games. Now with WII you could have lots of options but I still like all the old board and card games.
When she was 10 we had a craft party where all the girls made different items and block printed on a canvas bag that they took all their "treasures" home in.
My grand daughter just had a Harry Potter party that was amazing! Check out my to see the pictures they where posted in October

Kim said...

At age 10 my daughter was in much the same place. We brainstormed ideas and she decided to go with a "commercial" theme, as in television or radio commercials.

For one of the games we hit Goodwill for an ugly plaid polyester suit jacket, a pair of cowboy boots and a hat. The kids took turns dressing up in the outfit and doing their best imitation of a used car commercial that played ALL THE TIME so all the kids knew it -- by heart :-)

She also asked everyone to come prepared with their very own original commercial for another contest.

Since there were over 20 kids, those two games took quite a bit of time! We videotaped it all. That was back before CD/DVDs but today it would be easy enough to create a little DVD to give the kids to take home.

The cake looked like a t.v.

It was a fun time for both boys and girls.

Cupcakes and Cutlery said...

I have two little boys so I won't be able to do this party but I think it would be super cute to do a Daring Book for Girls party. It would be mainly Tiffany blue and white, maybe a few crystal sparkles thrown in. In my head there are little black and white Victorian elements mixed in too. You can take pages out of the book to use for decor and use some of the activities for games. I think they have medals in the book for completing some of the items or you can create your own. This can be done as girly (with some white feathers and marabou) or un-girly as fits your daughter. Of course you may have boys at the party too and I am sure you can find things in the book that would appeal to them too. Dang, now I really have to wrangle up a little girl to throw a party for...:)


N. said...

My daughter who'll be turning 10 wants a craft party too. Some of her friends have recently had dance parties (they just turn on loud music, dance and act goofy), sleepovers (ex. made fleece pillows), and some just hung out at the playground or rented a bouncy house (at 10!).