Monday, November 9, 2009

reader question of the week

I love the concept behind this party. We all have years we would like to leave behind (my personal choice: 2006), so this seems a great way to ring in a new year for someone you love. I hope you dear readers can be of help!

reader question of the week:

"My father-in-law has had a rough time of it this year; y'know, the typical if anything can go wrong, it has. He is a really great guy, but during the past six months he lost his dog to cancer, his best friend to cancer, and his favorite kitty died as well this week. That's sort of the tip of the iceburg, but geez, he's been through a lot!

So, he is turning 60 this December 8th-and I'd like to throw him a small party (probably on 12/5 or 12/6). His children would be there, a few friends, etcetera. But I was going to have a theme of 2010! I want the decorations to be fairly bright, but definitely emphasising him turning 60 and looking forward 2010, instead of with regret toward what a disaster 2009 was for him, personally. I also need some cute food ideas. Thanks! -Kelsey"


Carissa Martin said...

What about a theme centering around different kinds of glasses? All for the "looking forward" kind of theme. You could even get these:
To be really literal with the 2010 thing.

Brooke said...

Maybe clocks, or lots of cheap calendars (like the kind that cost $1 at the craft stores). I suppose you could also use poster board to create fake pull the day off calendar pages ala Garfield. There are a lot of cute new years cake idea's out there, I would think a New Year Party would be vary appropriate and easy to find in December.

Ashley said...

If the theme is 2010, how about food that includes 10 ingredients? And on the food/menu cards, you could include recipes that people have the opportunity to take home, but would also act as decor. 10 different options with 10 different ingredients

Amber said...

I love the 60 things to do before he turns 61 idea. This will average to 5 things per month to accomplish or experience.
The ideas can come from him, family and friends. People can committ to join him in certain goals or experiences, and they can also committ to responsibility to make sure he accomplishes the list.
Gifts can include items for these goals, ways to record the memories, tickets, etc..
Have a custom calender made at Kinkos or online. They can include photos of friends and family, inspirational sayings, etc..
Everyone who comes can give ideas to you for the 60 things in catagories including.... travel, learn, read, create, etc.. Or the ideas can be put into a jar and pulled out and read.
I like this because it take his life forward with a plan.

Lyndsay said...

I love Amber's idea - I think that sounds really positive! Along the same lines, you could provide notecards and stamped envelopes, where all guests could write short lists of aspirations for 2010, maybe as well as a positive message or idea to themselves - these could then be posted to them in a year's time to see if they achieved their goals and as a nice reminder of the celebrations.

Courtney said...

My dad was going through a tough time this year as well and his lovely girlfriend hosted a surprise party to lift his spirits. At one point in the party she got everyone's attention and sat my dad down in front of all the guests. Then she invited anyone who wanted to tell a funny or memorable story about my dad to share with the crowd. It was priceless, full of laughs & tears, & I could see the sparkle in my dad's eyes come back. It was so special for him to know how much people care.