Wednesday, November 11, 2009

in case you missed election party

Thank you for your patience. I am very slowly getting back into the groove of things and am easing back into the blog world.

I found this amazing party several places, so not quite sure who to credit...but here's the original post and here's the expanded version on Real Simple. I'm in love with every detail!

The blue and red color scheme is very similar to what I'm working on for Gram's birthday (party in 10 days- yikes!), so I'm finding it particularly inspirational. For those of you whose jaw hit the floor (like me) at the level of detail in this 3 year old's birthday, take heart in knowing this mom had plenty of help- a cake maker and chef, a photographer, and party planner friend to help pull together the details. 

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Full House said...

I love this party so much. It sticks out in my mind as one a my more favorites out there.