Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Haley's picks: gifts for pre-school girls

For those of you looking for gift inspiration for the pre-school {girl} set that doesn't include Jasmine, Ariel, Belle, Mulan, or Cinderella (the Disney princesses for those of you 'uneducated' in the world of little girls); look no further then Haley's picks for this month. Even better, they are all (but one) under $30!

From Haley:

1. I had just had to include this super-cute costume.  Anytime we give a costume to a friend, it is always such a hit.  But it is hard to find quality costumes at a 'birthday-budget' cost.  This one is a STEAL at $30, and it has a lace-up back to ensure a good fit. 

2. Giant Play and Learn Book ($13.50)...Moms everywhere will thank you over and over for this incredible activity book.  The pages are filled with fun games and projects that will keep both mom's and preschoolers busy for months!  A great way to learn to follow directions, color in the lines, and write letters and numbers!

3. Euro Play Cases ($29)...I love the vintage feel of these play cases.  Such a great open-ended toy....leaves so much opportunity for imaginative play.  And a great place to house all of those teeny tiny dolls and clothes that little girls insist on collecting.

4.  Manners Can Be Fun ($15)...This book is hilarious.  It is easy to understand, and the pictures are amazing.  A great addition to any book collection.

5. If your little one goes for sparkle (mine does), then this "tiara" headband is great ($22).  It would be great for playing outside, grocery store runs, dinner with family (all times in which my toddler INSISTS on wearing a crown.)  It isn't too offensive as far as tiaras go, and she can still feel like she's the princess she says she is!

6. School Years Scrapbook ($26)...A great gift idea for those late summer/early fall birthday parties!  A wonderful way to document a child's school even has places for "first day of school" photos, and pockets for all of that artwork you can't bring yourself to throw away.  Think of it as a baby book for the older set.  A must have in my book.

7. I am just obsessed with these little rainboots ($38).  What a GREAT gift idea!  Until their feet are big enough to fit in those super-cute wellies, these are such a fun, rainy-day option!  

8. I adore this felt version of a tiara ($14) I spotted on Etsy.  I chose this because it is so much softer than its plastic competitors.  And the sweet birds are a fresh take on a normally tacky trinket.

9 & 10.  I fell in love with these kits from dumpling dynasty on a recent trip to miami.  The pigtail kit ($16) is filled with everything they could ever need to play "beauty shop" with their girlfriends, and the baking kit ($16) has a real wooden rolling pin and even has a set of adorable pink birthday candles!  These are truly precious, and a great gift for any preschool girl.

{haley will be tackling pre-school boys next!}


AME said...

Would love to see picks for pre-school boys too. Always looking for fun, new gift ideas!

Girlfrog said...

Great picks! My daughter is 7 and she loves the play and learn book!

Beth said...

I love this post. I'm always wondering what to get kids! Perfect!

Talking with Tami said...

im loving those rain boots cute!

Megan said...

this is all great to know! thanks for your help!