Sunday, August 30, 2009

reader question of the week

Since we took a mid-week question, I'm only posting one reader question this week. Don't forget that our Layer Cake giveaway deadline is Monday at midnight! Get in your submission now.

reader question of the week:

"I was wondering if you had any ideas for an alien-themed party? On a family trip this summer we stopped in Roswell, New Mexico and visited the Alien Museum and other alien things there. Well... my soon to be 7 year old son now wants an alien party, any suggestions?  I am at a loss. Thank you, Kim"


cat said...

That one beats me. I guess a round space saucer cake can be easy enough. If you'd like to see some South African parties (big occasions here) go look at my blog:
and click on the link 'childrens parties"

Pumpkin Petunia said...

Since aliens live in outer space, you can decorate with planets and stars and black draping for the dark sky.

Invitations could read that the party is going to be "out of this world." or a reference to having close encounters.

I have seen those bright green alien stretchy toy things in a store recently (Target maybe? or iparty?).

If you want to get really involved, you could have the children be investigators searching for signs of life on another planet or searching for evidence that aliens have landed on our planet.

Sorry, not really a comprehensive party plan, but some random ideas. Very fun party theme!!

Pumpkin Petunia said...

Galaxy decor:

Anonymous said...

You could use a refrigerator box (ask around) to serve as a "rocket" ship. Paint it all one color ahead of time and cut out two doors and a window. Then let the kids decorate the inside with paint, buttons, etc to make a "dashboard". They could even decorate the outside. Supply some capes and swim goggles for outerspace gear.

And green jello called Alien Guts. Haha.

Bridget said...

green goop!

(not for eating!)

They could also do an alien-sort of craft (make-your-own alien) - just set them loose with a pile of craft supplies and say go.

They could also decorate their own cupcakes to be aliens.

Andrea said...

I saw these fun cupcakes on Real Simple's website:
They are from the book 'Hello, Cupcake'.
Good luck!