Sunday, August 23, 2009

reader question of the week #2

reader question of the week #2:

"My twins - a boy and girl - will be having their 4th birthday end of September I don't know if it's time to panic or too early. My dilemma is what sort of theme can I do that will suit a boy and girl and also something easy to put together? I thought of 'Under-The-Sea' but still not 100% sure. Any ideas??? Thanks! -Arlyna"


mybelle68 said...

At this age dress up is a big deal. Invite all the superhero's and princess' you know. Qiute fun and cute. ( they are only little once)

The Rouse Family said...

I know you how you feel. I have boy/girl twins that are turning 3 the end of Oct and I am trying to find ideas. I am thinking of a pumpkin kinda party but it's hard trying to find cute ideas with out ghosts, etc...the superhero/princess party sounds precious for a "4th" b'day!

Nicole said...

How funny! I have b/g twins who are turning 4 on September 27 and was fretting over the theme. I decided to do their party 2 weeks late and am having a Halloween theme. They are excited and so am I! I put on the invites, "Come in costume if you dare, or your favorite Halloween wear." I have researched to death and have so many fun things favorite of which is a tractor ride through our woods ending at our garden which will be transformed into a pumpkin patch! There is sooo much to do with this theme.

lisalyn said...

I like under the sea because you can incorporate the bold, and a bit of sequined fishy look for your son and the fancy and glittery mermaid look for your daughter.
Maybe use the colors orange, blue and purple.
Lots of blue streamers hanging from the ceiling to look like under the sea.
A treasure hunt for the boys and an under the sea tea party for the girls.
Good luck to you. Most importantly...Enjoy! :)

:: imprintables:: said...

I think a Vintage Circus theme is perfect for all ages + genders! The traditional party games works well -such as tug-of-war, tin toss, egg and spoon sace, sack race and a treasure hunt.
Party favors - create showbags and fill with circus paraphernalia
Cake - a circus tent or clown face.

I created the same theme for my son which was a huge success.

Other themes which suit both sexes are:
kite flying party
teddy bear's picnic
cooking party

Tay said...

What about Raggedy Ann & Andy?

Some good ideas (I don't like all of them though)-

Naper 1st Relief Society said...

or do an art party ... there are lots of fun things you could do for food, invites and what not ... or a science party - - check out cookie magazines party ideas on their website.

Jane E. said...

My son went to a "Pirates & Princesses" party for a little girl in his pre-K class. You could make that "Mermaids & Pirates" to go with your Under the Sea idea. Maybe you could do something to play off the number 4? 4 wheels, 4 legged animals, The Fab Four?

Belly Feathers said...

Here are some pictures and party ideas that might work:

Crabs, Bubbles, & Undersea



I really like the Teddy Bears' Picnic idea that imprintables suggested. I think that could be so sweet.

Holly said...

ive seen some cute peter pan themes lately that are such cute co-ed parties!

Penelope said...

An artists party - decorate with colours of the rainbow, get guests to paint a picture and have small frames with their names on as the favors. Or they can make bracelets/necklaces using food with holes (cheerios, gummy lollies etc).

Angel said...

I love this as a theme...