Tuesday, August 11, 2009

i do (again)

My friend Melodie (and her husband) decided to celebrate their anniversary by renewing their vows every 5 years.  While the sentimental part of that is awfully sweet, it's the do-over wedding that really appeals to me! Even though I loved my wedding day (didn't we all?), I think it would be fun to do something that reflected my current mood and style. Melodie and her husband, Matty- celebrated with a 'retro' wedding in Vegas and even hired a photographer to document the occasion. I'm inspired! (top photo: retro Vegas wedding, bottom photo: original wedding).


Jen said...

ohmygoodness! i have always wanted to have more than one wedding (but all to my beautiful husband) because I did love mine, but I also want a beach wedding, and a vintage one, and one in a field of flowers, and one in Vegas.

I have barely ever expressed this out loud for fear of sounding self indulgent and silly - but this has released me! yay! wedding #2 here I come :)

Julie Gallagher said...

Snap! Great minds think alike, my husband and I also just renewed our vows at 5 years and in Vegas! It was so much fun especially having Elvis as the officiant - here are the pics... as blogged by modernromance where I bought my veil...

Michele Wimborough said...

That is a fabulous idea! We got married 8 years ago and SO much has changed since then. Maybe for our 10th!

Abby said...

Just going through your posts from when I was on vacation last week and came across this one, which linked to your wedding post.

I'm FROM Winston and live here now - working at the Journal as I type - and I'm of course Moravian. (My family helped settle the area oh-so-long ago.)

My husband and I also did candles at our wedding. Great minds think alike! (But I'm a Tar Heel, sorry! WFU was TOO close to home.)

Here's a pic from right before we left the sanctuary.