Sunday, June 7, 2009

reader question of the week

reader question of the week:

"I'm throwing a bridal shower for my sister in a few months and have decided on a 'Lucky Lady' theme since she enjoys gambling. I'm having trouble coming up with creative ideas for party decor, food, games...thoughts? Help! Thanks, Becki"

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Christen Noelle said...

A few ideas for Becki:

Plastic casino cups with 10-15 tokens for each guest. Tell the ladies that they are not allowed to say certain words throughout the night (engaged, wedding, grooms name, marriage, sex, etc...)and if they do whoever hears them can take one of their tokens. Most tokens at the end of the night wins a prize!

Adorable dessert ideas on this site check out page 38&39 then of course stick to finger foods wings, pretzels, fruits and veggies.

Poker table cloths by Confidence Sports (Bright Green) maybe use for just the gift table.

I would do Black, White and Red colors. White tablecloths with red and black Diamond overlays.

Center Pieces:
Different sizes and styles of wine glasses, shot glasses and such overflowing with the plastic cubes that resemble diamonds (party stores). Mutiple sets of dice, playing cards and chocolate coins. Arranged adoringly. I would go as far as balloon bouquets of black, white and red!

Good luck I think it will be adorable!

soulflower said...

I saw these really cute boutonnieres on rosenow floral. I found their site through Frolic this morning. They were flowers made from cut up playing cards. I was thinking how cute to decorate with those flowers if someone had a gambling themed shower!

Not just a Mommy! said...

I'm shamelessly putting my blog post Vegas, Baby! chockful of party ideas...

Odd Sundays said...

Write invitations on the back of playing cards or use playings cards as banners/flags or coasters!

Anonymous said...

I think you should definitely play up the Queen of Hearts. You can also make cookies in the shape of the suits. You may want to do a lot of hearts and mix in a few of the other shapes to stay on theme.

hampton said...

i know i'm a little late on the comments, but my bff and her husband had debated having a destination wedding in vegas, so i decided her bachelorette party needed to be vegas themed. i did the red, black and white color scheme, and luckily for me i have a friend who works at an event planning place so i was able to borrow some table linens and things to really play up the atmosphere. i even had a friend come dressed as elvis and sing us a few songs, and another friend come and deal cards, and i made her a little poker visor with a veil. i think everyone had a good time.