Tuesday, June 9, 2009

i heart (these) boutonnieres

I spotted these lovelies on Decor8...who knew boutonnieres could be so cool?


Donna @ Party Wishes said...

How fun!I'm sure the guys wouldn't mind wearing those pieces of art!

LML said...

these are the coolest - and so personal - i love!

i got that kids parties book u metioned below for xmas and love it - u should get it :)

gg said...

so funny...I just saw those and meant to tell you about them! I adore the "captain america".

Susan Crabtree said...

Who wouldn't love these-so fun & original! Great idea for proms & formals too!

Laura Lucille said...

very unique and clever. great way to create a memorable wedding.

i'm not sure if you are open to party links, but i thought i'd share this really cute Tiny Two party over at The Creativity Room. I don't expect you to post, just thought you'd like some fun ideas.