Monday, May 18, 2009

reader question of the week

reader question of the week: 

"I have twin girls who will be one in a couple of weeks and I want to keep the party simple and not too stressful with just close family. But what can I do to make it unique? I like to be different or have unique modern things, as in decorations, food, etcetera. Do you have any awesome ideas for me?! Thanks! -Francis"

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ohbrooke said...

How about choosing a color and keeping everthing themed like that color? Like yellow:

Pumpkin Petunia said...

I agree, choose a color scheme that you like and stick with that. Then add very personal details that your family members will enjoy, like using the girl's monograms on invites and few well-placed items in the decor. Or, use digital silhouettes created from photos of the twins' profiles on one or two items to bring the whole concept together and add a very personal touch to the party and become keepsakes for the family.

Another idea is to make the party all about the girl's favorite things. The party can then become a record of what they loved at this moment in time. You could include an especially loved book or toy; a favorite blanket or photo. It would be fun to style it as a take on Oprah's Favorite Things piece in her magazine if that's something your family members are familiar with.

Congratulations on your twins' first birthday!

Alyssa Coberly said...

I did a party for a friend and we did a music party ... it was such a hit(no pun intended!) and we did do one color for all the decorations ... but we set up on the lawn big galvanized tubs of musical instruments (that were a good fit for 1 year olds - - check out oriental trader for bulk instruments) and then we did lots of balloons tied down to balloon weights all around the lawn - - it was fun to watch the little ones walk over and play with them (without them flying away!)

Also we had a good friend who plays the guitar come in and play kid songs while we all sat and listened on a blankets.

... and here are some great ideas

Mymy said...

Choose a color scheme. Either one color and use monochromatic shades or 2-3 color combinations (pink/brown, teal/brown, yellow/gray) etc.

Choose a kid theme and make it modern: for example a teddy bear: Use a simple outline/silhouette of a teddy bear and incorporate that in your decorations.

I had a luau/hibiscus theme... instead of goody bags I passed out leis and the kids got luau-themed rubber duckies from Oriental Trading.

Lorie said...

I agree with ohbrooke. I would do a color theme, but maybe pick two colors, one for each girl.

Cupcakes and Cutlery said...

Since the first birthday party is really more for the adults or parents (I mean, when you think about it, they won't remember it except in pictures and it felt like a huge milestone for me as a mother) I am planning on doing a Happy New Year theme. If you think about the New Year holiday and how jubilent and hopeful it seems, I think it would translate perfectly to a first birthday party. I wouldn't use metallics in the decor, but I can see mixing gray with two different colors of pink - one for each girl. Since you have, most likely, taken one zillion pictures, you can use those as decor for the party and just print them and display them in different ways with coordinating colored papers. An easy menu of cupcakes and champagne and sparkling cider...simple, modern and fun. Cookie magazine had a great first birthday party idea, but they don't have all the photos of it online. Here is the link anyway.


Typhoid Ashley said...

I agree with picking a theme or element and sticking to it.

It's fun (and easy) to just go with two or three complimentary solid colors, then add a little element here and there. Maybe their initials on the invites, centerpieces and cake? Or butterflies.

You can put a simple element like initials everywhere, even pick up the cheap unfinished wood letter and paint them to match. Hang them on the wall and instant decor!