Sunday, May 3, 2009

reader question of the week

reader question of the week:

"I was wondering if you had any ideas for a soccer-themed bar mitzvah? I was thinking of having each table be a different team in the English Premier League. Unfortunately, thats all I've come up with! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  -Sutten"

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Lyndsay said...

It sounds like a great theme! Perhaps you could get some artificial turf for the centerpieces of the tables, if you're having any. Soccer ball toparies made out of paper globes, such as these ones:, could be made as further decoration for tables, as well as lots of black and white balloons. You could also design your table numbers to be the jersey's of the English Premier League teams, with the table number as the player's number? And don't forget yummy mini Soccer foods, like hot dogs or pies or mini cans of drink or juice... I can see so many cute options for this, you'll have heaps of fun putting it together!

* You'll have to excuse me saying 'soccer' rather than football - in Australia, that's how we differentiate between Aussie Rules and Rugby and Soccer - they're all called football here!

Danielle Bly said...

This really is a wonderful theme. What about black and white striped table linens with wheatgrass centerpieces? I love Lyndsay's idea of using the jersey table numbers! And perhaps you could play off of the red and yellow cards in some fun way? I don't know if you happen to have an indoor sports facility in your area, but this would make an awesome venue for the mitzvah!

Kristy said...

If you didn't want to do just English teams, you could easily do Champions League or UEFA Cup.

We handed out Brasil jersey key chains as favors for one party and held another at an indoor soccer venue. That way, the kids actually got a chance to play.

I love Danielle's idea for black and white linens with wheatgrass centerpieces.

K. Anela Holck said...

Also, scarves are huge in soccer! It could become a craft, gift, or maybe just buy some for prizes.

I just went to a Sounders game and they also had lots of confetti when good things happened as well as big plastic horns and noise makers. They even had kids dress up as huge soccer balls for a contest at half time.

Your party'll be great!

sotow said...


Thanks for all of the great ideas!