Monday, May 4, 2009

gen says...(a late easter post)

From Gen:

"Easter- a little late.

Okay, so I am slightly behind. It is May, and I am just now sorting through Easter photos. I had great intentions of doing a fabulous Easter post...sharing all of our little family projects: making easter treats for all the little ones, a darling tower of Easter cupcakes (made with my favorite new 'picnic table' plaid wrappers), children's Easter egg dying, etcetera- but unfortunately the day was rushed as usual, and we barely made it out the door on time- thus, no pictures.

So instead, I share a (very late) snapshot of the children's Easter baskets and morning festivities in hopes that it might be early inspiration for next year.

A few tips for next Easter:
-Walmart is not the most lovely shopping experience- however, I must rave about their adorable Easter grass in the perfect shade of pink and fabulous Easter candy packaging!

-Michael's is always at the top of my list for any craft project. For Easter, Oden picked out fabulous pink gingham boxes (50 cents on clearance!) to make little treats for all of his buddies. Lucy put them together and labeled them on Easter morning- with my favorite Martha Stewart labels.

-We tend to go a bit overboard on holidays with the children- but, I love to give them little wrapped treats along with Easter candy in their baskets. To save money, I usually hunt down bargains the month prior to the holiday and save them for the big event. This year, I bought Oden a pink gingham tie from Pears and Bears and Lucy the cutest kelly green dotted swiss sundress from Old Navy- both of them were on major sale!

-The 'vessels' for the Easter baskets are both from Target. For Oden, I used a red metal ice bucket and for Lucy a pink organizing bin- both reusable for storage in their rooms later!

So, now I can officially check 'Easter' off my to-do list! Next year, I tell myself I will start earlier. How does Martha do it all?"


kamille said...

i absolutely love what you chose to use as the "easter baskets." very cute, stylish, and smart!

fric and frac said...

What cute baskets! I love the O pillow! I am the same way, I love to wrap each present individually for stockings at Christmas!

Pumpkin Petunia said...

Everything's perfect and very much worth the wait!

So glad to hear that I'm not the only one who has trouble blogging in a timely manner. I either have time to actually do the things that I want to blog about *or* have time to photograph and write about them. Very rarely do I have time to do both. Of course, it's always better to err on the side of doing!

Joslyn said...

this is perfection. especially love the pillow in oden's "basket"!

paula said...

love the baskets and that tie is so sweet.