Sunday, April 5, 2009

reader question of the week

question of the week:

"I was hoping to get some advice and suggestions for a Rock Star themed baby shower. Both parents love music- my daughter-in-law used to sing in a high school music group and my son used to play heavy metal rock in a band as well. Their baby boy is due May 29 and his room is also decorated in a Rock Star theme. Do you have any suggestions for the shower and invitation? How should I word the invite? Thank you for your help! -Susan"

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Bridget said...

oh oh! I have the perfect invitation!

You could also tell guests to bring a CD of their favorite rock and roll songs for the baby...

lisalyn said...

I'm working on a Rockstar 13th Birthday Party and I checked out Bridget's idea. Very cool!!
Not sure if any of my ideas will work for a baby shower...but you can check them out at if you want to.
I love this theme idea for a baby shower fun and different!

Amber said...

Some of this may seem corny but take what you like.
You could have a table covered in small pebbles (rocks) and stars hanging from above.
Rock wrapping paper etc..
Play rock songs throughout the shower that include the word baby.
Everyone donate to name a real star after the baby.
Have the shower underneath the starry sky.
Make record album bowls for the food.
Everyone bring a onesie that they decorate after their favorite band.
Give a gift of lullabies that rock stars have actually recorded.
Use rock star photos as babies for a game.
That is a start.

lisalyn said...

Just found these cute invites at
stickers and shirts

bradget said...

This would be so fun! These are the ones off the top of my head...

* Play Guitar Hero or Rock Band
* Use old records as art and/or center pieces (you can get them for nothing at Goodwill), if you get ones the parents really love you could get record frames and gift them to the parents afterwards
* Give the mother to be a list of rock stars that were born around her due date (you could even make this in to some sort of game)
* You could have something that says "Rock-A-Bye Baby" (you could use this on the invite)
* Have everyone at the party write down their favorite "rock star" memory of the mother or have them write down their favorite songs or a song that reminds them of the mother
* They have toy microphones at the Dollar Store, you could use those in the decor
* Play music trivia
* Use rock candy
* Have guests pose for pictures with the mother to be wearing sunglasses (looking like rockstars)

Pumpkin Petunia said...

Such great ideas!

For a similarly themed party for my son, I used these ipod socks as favors. I put a candy bar in each one and designed a paper sleeve to wrap around it with a birthday message/thank you for the guests. Of course, I cannot find a photo right now, but here is a link to the ipod socks, very inexpensive!

This silhouette was created for a boy with a rock themed nursery. This could also easily become an invite, party decor:

Alyssa Coberly said...

super cute rock star onesies here :

michelle said...

Invitation should look like a poster/flyer for a concert. CD with rockabye baby lullaby songs as the favor.

Kelliinc said...

I did a table recently with a "You Rock!" theme. in the gallery section.

Tasha said...

I design invitations and printed some baby announcements for a client that was in a band, in the style of a CD... You can see the example on my website
(bottom of the page) I can customize and personalize the designs too!