Sunday, April 26, 2009

reader question of the week #1

reader question of the week #1:

"I have a daughter who is about to turn three. She told me she wants a 'guitar' birthday party. I thought that was a pretty fun theme, but unfortunately for her, I am not nearly creative as the people on your blog. I need some cute ideas for cake table decorations, party favors, etcetera. Anything along the lines of music/guitar! Thanks! -Stacy"

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amber said...

Well, definitely get someone with a guitar to come play! I think three year olds would dig singing along to some acoustic guitar, and it's good for them.

You can do a guitar shaped cake by cutting a guitar shape out of of two sheet cakes and decorating ith with tan frosting. It can have piped on dark chocolate strings!

The invites can be guitar theme, too. They can say "Come to Katie's party for a a jammin' good time!"

Party favors can guitar stickers in goodie bags along with candy.

If you expand to a whole music theme, you can have everyone save coffee cans and make decorated bongo drums. That would be cool (although a lot of noise, but hey! Half the fun of being three is making a lot of noise, right?)

You are my fave... said...

Here's a link to a really cute and easy guitar cake:

I was thinking of making it for my guitar loving husband's birthday.

Pumpkin Petunia said...

Wouldn't it be cute to do a '70's/folksy/rock and roll/flower child sort of theme? You could have someone come and play the guitar and everyone could sit around for a sing-a-long. The decor would be super easy with lots of flowers, bright colors, and peace signs. Definitely a guitar shaped cake and an invite mimicking a Woodstock poster would be really fun.

Cupcakes and Cutlery said...

My son just turned 3 and we did a "rock star" themed party on account of his love of air guitar. I am working on getting the 500 photos whittled down to post on my blog, but would be happy to email you a list of all the sources I used. I was kind of a snob and not wanting to go the Oriental Trading Company route, but they actually have a ton of inexpensive and still pretty cool guitar items, like blank white ones that you can have kids decorate. You also HAVE to get this microphone that we got. The kids went totally nuts over it. We just had the party 2 weeks ago so it is all very fresh in my mind. I hope to have all my posts up by next week (I am totally not trying to plug my blog I promise! but I feel like our party turned out great so if I can help another mom with info that I just researched, that would be so great!). Our party was for a boy and the colors were red, white and black, but could be changed to hot, pink and black very easily and be turned more girly. Email me if you want! .


Bridget said...

I used to love making a "guitar" out of rubber bands and a box when I was younger...something like this:

You could also play "name that tune!" --obviously with the types of songs three year olds would know :)