Tuesday, March 17, 2009

safari party inspiration

I've held on to this image for awhile now- I think it is such a fun idea that could easily be translated to a kids' safari party! Idea: copy and enlarge image of giraffe and have kids pose with it (and perhaps other animals) in safari hat. I think it would be a great takeaway for the kids or perhaps the photo could be slipped in a thank you note.

I think the idea of blowing up just about anything and having guests pose with it could be hysterical. A superhero party? Have your superhero guests pose with sword/fighting instrument in hand while fighting off an invader of some kind. Or for an adult with a good sense of humor...blow up a funny photo of them and have guest 'interaction' photos with the prop. The possibilities are endless!

via... cup of jo


Michelle said...

super cute! Especially with the hat!


Anonymous said...

Love the image!

sara hicks malone of party perfect said...

nathalie- of course you can link. couldn't respond to your email- it was returned!