Sunday, March 22, 2009

reader question of the week

question of the week:
"In April, I am hosting a book club meeting for a bunch of 3rd grade girls. This is their first meeting, so I want to make it fun and special. Any suggestions? It's a late afternoon party. Thanks! -Dawn"

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kim said...

make spring jellybean (using elastic thread) braclets for a small craft.
make it teapartyish fancy style kinda (with lemonade/icedtea)

-mom to 3 boys under 6

Anonymous said...

For a craft, maybe you can make bookmarks with nice cardstock/stickers/rubber stamps. If you have all the supplies ready [size of bookmark cut down], each girl can create their own personal bookmark to take home and use for future books that they read!

christa Baca said...

What is the book you are reading?

Bridget said...

to echo christa Baca - maybe you could theme each meeting on what book you are reading...for example:

if reading Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, you could eat fudge and make bookmarks with a turtle stamp.

...and so on.

Melissa Jade said...

role playing is always fun with 3rd grade! Give each girl a shot at being a character from the book. And interview them. They have to respond as the character would. Girls love to act!

Christine's Curiosity said...

Wendy from Wisdom of the Moon blog, has some great tutorials involving some great book related crafts!

A personalized Library book bag tutorial can be found here:

And a really sweet personalized book plate stamps tutorial is here:

I know that these may be a bit complicated, but they're beautiful! The best of luck with your patry, I know that it'll be a success!

jen said...

I'm not sure if it's already been suggested, but I always imagined having a lovely tea party as a 3rd grader. With parasols, lace gloves and all.

sara hicks malone of party perfect said...

great ideas- thanks, everyone!