Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I love Purl Soho's blog, and really just about anything and everything they do (such a pretty logo, too...Brooke!). So it was no surprise when I came across these cookie beauties on the Purl Bee. Yes, yes...I know- they were intended as holiday gifts- and I promised no more Christmas, but I think this is one of those ideas that could be easily translated to any time of year. They give a great tutorial for packaging them...and for a fabric hound like me, I'm loving this super easy idea.


chelsea said...

I love Purl too but I hadn't seen these packages so thanks for posting. So bright and cheery!

Leslie said...

Cute...I never get sick of Christmas. The ideas could last all year for me and it would never get old.

Pam Walter said...

Have never been to the Purl Bee site before but now it's on my list of favorites. Thanks!