Wednesday, January 14, 2009

garbage truck party!

Sometimes my scattered brain does not file things away as it should. Today I just remembered that I never posted this super cute garbage truck party! What a fun theme for a 2 year-old (or any age, really).

From Lucy: "Liam really wanted a garbage truck cake and theme (he's obsessed with them) and yet I really wanted to be stylish and semi-eco, too. Nathalie (of the apple party) was one of my inspirations. Like you, I was horrified at making the cake from scratch- especially a three-tiered one, but everyone was too in awe of the flashing lights to notice the actual cake (wires were hidden in between the cake segments and a battery pack was in the back)." 

Thank you, Lucy! More details on the party and the 'eco' aspects here.

As always, I love sharing the parties you creative lovelies have come up with. Send your photos to me at: hickspapergoods(at) 


Anonymous said...

What an adorable idea!

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