Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ode to will smith

I'm having a hard time focusing on anything right now, since my husband surprised me with a trip to South Beach this weekend! I can't stop humming Will Smith's "Going to Miami..." We've talked about taking this vacation for YEARS, and I suppose he decided we needed a celebrate our son's almost 1, late 5-year anniversary, early christmas present. 

I'm a born and bred Florida girl, so winters growing up were WARM. The current 38 degree weather in Nashville is helping get me oh-so-excited for the vaca! Back in the day I used to don a heavy wool overcoat with a hood when it hit the low 60's (seemed pretty chilly at the time)...I think I was jealous of the Northeastern preppy look. But these days I can't wait to put on short-sleeves again and sit outside for meals! Yay! 

Above is a picture by Paul Costello...this captures how I'm envisioning myself this weekend. Anyone with great recs for restaurants, please let me know! I'm having a hankering for some good Cuban food.


mojoaq said...

david's cafe off lincoln road is nice and homey

peurta sagua on washington is diner-like, but zagat rated and has it's charm

hopefully you are staying nearby

enjoy! wish it were me.

Michelle said...

And well deserved! Enjoy every minute!


Rebecca said...

I'm delurking to say I live in SoFla. Go to Michy's! It is awesome. I like Versailles for Cuban (lots of tourists, but is no less authentic). I think Miami's Zagat may have just come out, if you need more suggestions. I also suggest you stay away from the places on Ocean Drive or in the Lincoln Road Mall. The food tends to suck/be overpriced.

sara hicks malone of party perfect said...

thanks for all these great recs and bon voyage wishes!