Tuesday, October 7, 2008

heavens to betsy

Beautiful calligraphy makes my heart sing. While it is usually cost-prohibitive to use for more 'common' parties, I think a calligraphed invitation is a really amazing way to set the tone for a beautiful occasion. 

When I announced my pregnancy to our family, I had a local calligrapher make a card for each of our parents and some close family members that said, "announcing the soon-to-be arrival of your first grand child" on Hello Lucky's singing blue bird card (I wanted to design something myself, but figured it would never happen if I didn't get it done right then). 

Betsy Dunlap's gorgeous samples (above) make me want to come up with another excuse to use a calligrapher. But with the economy in the crapper, I think I will just be adoring these from afar in the meantime!


Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

That is SO sweet! What a wonderful way to announce a first grandchild!

Michelle said...

Calligraphy is always something I wish I had the patience to learn. Take classes, etc. Such a beautiful, traditional skill to have.


Anonymous said...

so gorgeous!