Thursday, July 31, 2008

thom, please invite me over

I usually cringe while watching home makeover shows...sometimes the 'after' is much worse then the 'before.' But I'm addicted to Thom Filicia. I adore him, and if I could choose any TV interior designer to redo my home it would be Thom (or Sarah Richardson of Design Inc). I'm so sad that Thom passed me over for the living room decorating contest he had a couple of months ago...I was hoping he would redecorate and we would hit it off, then we would become BFF's and he would want to have me up to his lake house. I just found this post on Domino's website- a great video with Thom describing how he entertains for friends at the cabin. Thom- I'm still available, if you'd like to have me over. 

To see, click here.


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