Thursday, June 19, 2008


I am starting to notice that I tend toward weekly 'themes.' Last week, it was cupcakes, this week, books. While I can't promise I will always stick within thematic parameters, it seems in line with the way my brain for now I will go with it!

A friend of mine once mentioned that she always gives cute bookplates as birthday gifts for her 3 year-old's friends. I thought it was a brilliant idea, and asked her to direct me to her source. Lo and behold, she said Blonde Designs is her favorite.

Blonde Designs was founded in 2002 by Angie Gubler and Kristen Rees, former art directors (and colleagues of mine!) at Martha Stewart. For those of you in love with the Martha Stewart-esque style and color palette, look no further. The saturated pastels and sophisticated typography ooze good taste. Best of all, the bookplates are SO affordable! Only $12.50 for a personalized set of 25. Go to their website to order

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